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LEDs and Big Screen Activation

Having high-quality LED content is crucial for effectively activating your brand sponsorship and avoiding the trap of becoming mere background noise at the club you’ve invested heavily in.

At TomandSteve, we specialise in creating exceptional LED content that ensures your brand stands out and captures the attention of fans. Our expertise helps your sponsorship not just be seen, but remembered, making sure you get the maximum return on your investment. With our cutting-edge designs and impactful visuals, your brand will make a lasting impression.

Rapidz – Burnley FC

We produced a series of dynamic LED displays for Burnley club sponsor RAPIDZ, utilising 3D animation along with depth and lighting effects to ensure the sponsor’s message and promotional activations were seen and remembered. These eye-catching visuals made a significant impact, elevating RAPIDZ’s brand presence and engagement with fans.

Rapidz – Reading FC

We crafted a series of dynamic LED displays for Reading FC club sponsor RAPIDZ, using 3D animation, depth, and lighting effects to ensure their message and promotional activations stood out. These striking visuals significantly boosted RAPIDZ’s brand presence and fan engagement.

UNIBET – Aston Villa Big Screen Thank You Message

Throughout the season, we executed numerous activations for Aston Villa and their principal partner Unibet. To cap off our successful collaboration, we were commissioned to produce a wrap-up video and a heartfelt thank you message, which was showcased to all 40,000 fans at Villa Park stadium.

RBL – Poppy Appeal LED for Piccadilly Circus

Every year, the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal message is displayed at nearly every Premier League club in the UK during the November 2-minute remembrance. We were tasked with producing the LED screens for each club, accommodating a vast array of varying outputs. Additionally, we created a 2-minute silence video for the big screen in London’s Piccadilly, ensuring the message was powerfully conveyed to all.

Why Choose Our LED and Big Screen Production Service?


TomandSteve bring years of experience in producing LED and big screen content for top-tier sports clubs and sponsors, ensuring high-quality results.


Creativity to Stand Out:

We excel in creating unique, eye-catching content that ensures your brand stands out from the competition and captures the audience’s attention.

Quality Assurance: 

Our extensive experience with almost all Premier League clubs means we are well-versed in their output settings, ensuring your content is displayed optimally for maximum impact.


Knowledge of What Cuts Through:

With deep insight into what works best in stadium environments, we craft content that effectively engages fans and enhances brand visibility.