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BoyleSports – TV Advert Production

BoyleSports approached us with a request to produce a TV advert to promote their new in-play golf technology. The brief was to produce a TV advert using only animated content in just a 4 week timeframe. We really wanted to create a look and feel that gave Golf a new perspective, and hopefully attracted new audience and re-engaged old ones. As such, we developed an extremely digital and futuristic vision of Golf, depicted in a fully-immersive 3D world that we created entirely from scratch.

30 Second TV Advert for BoyleSports In-Play Golf


Behind the Scenes/Making of  – BoyleSports TV Advert

We were so proud of the way we developed and produced the BoyleSports TV advert that we decided to make a short Behind the Scenes video to explain how we approached the brief and set about creating the content.


We also delivered this campaign in a multitude of social formats, including 6, 10 and 15 second cut-downs of the advert.