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Kindred Group call on TomandSteve to help with their internal communication and recruitment content.

TomandSteve had the honour of being involved at the very outset during the Becoming Kindred conference in Rome in 2017. Kindred gathered all 1000 employees from all over the globe to share the vision for a three day conference and party.

Becoming Kindred – Rome

TomandSteve captured all the highlights from the Becoming Kindred conference in Rome, the highlight being directing 1000 people to celebrate simultaneously.

Kindred Values – We Believe in Friendship

During the creation of Kindred, 5 core values came to being. We filmed all 5 of them from a Point of View perspective from the employees and they go about their day to day work. We’ve included two of our favorites here, get in touch if you would like to see more.

Kindred Values – We Dare to Challenge

Following the action at a Day at the Races with Unibet.

Kindred Values – TalkBanStop

SGC 2021: TalkBanStop – an example of a shared responsibility initiative

Kindred – Great Place to Work

Kindred achieved a massive 87% score as a great place to work, they commissioned us to produce this video to help recruit future employees.

The Queen Rules – International Woman’s Day

To celebrate International Woman’s Day, Kindred reversed the order of playing cards so that the Queen ranks higher than the King. They commissioned us to make this animation to mark the event, we’ve created some lovely transitions so it flows beautifully, take a look and see.

PSEDS – Player Safety Early Detection System

To achieve the goal of making all gambling on site safe by 2022, Kindred has been developing it’s PS-EDS to detect problem gamblers and give them assistance.