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TomandSteve Showreels & Personal Projects

/ TomandSteve Showreels & Personal Projects

At TomandSteve we’ve made so much content that one showreel just isn’t enough, we’ve done everything from helping launch new Brands globally, to communicating with 1000’s of companies employees internally.

Take a look at our showreels below and drop us a message if you would like to see anything in full!

TomandSteve Showreel

This is our main showreel that highlights everything we do, from Live-Action productions to bespoke in-house animation.


TomandSteve Animation Showreel

All our animation is bespoke to the given client and is produced in-house by our talented team of illustrators, animators and motion-graphic experts.

TomandSteve Sponsorship Activation

Are you looking to activate you Sponsorship or Brand Partnership? At TomandSteve we’ve worked with some of the biggest Clubs and Sports Stars in the world, across a wide range of sports including Football, Cricket and Darts. If you are looking to create a TV ad with just 7 minutes of an international players time get in touch, we thrive on the pressure!

TomandSteve Social Media Showreel

Looking to create engaging content in a 15 second duration that grabs audiences attention with topical and creatively explosive ideas, we’ve got ya! We’ve made so much social media content it’s crazy! We’re talking literally 1000’s of videos in our 10+ years of business. Here’s a sub-60 second showreel of some of our recent favourites.

Texas Hold Em’ Poker

We took it upon ourselves to develop a really cool new video aesthetic whereby we transition from shot to shot in an almost fluid-state. We decided to use the epic subject matter of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker as our content for this shoot. We’re really happy with the results and we learnt a lot about how we could implement this technique into our clients advertising campaigns.

The Trainer

We love cycling and therefore decided to produce this short video to showcase how we can incorporate live-action and motion-graphics in perfect harmony. This video was filmed in an underground carpark, lit by nothing more than fluorescent tubes, we then edited, and colour-graded the final video to give this cinematic aesthetic.