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Talking Heads

TomandSteve excel in filming various types of video content, including talking head vox pops, interviews, case studies, and testimonials videos. Our team has extensive experience in capturing engaging footage and expertly editing it into confident and compelling stories. Whether it’s gathering insights through vox pops, delving deep into personal experiences through interviews, or showcasing the success stories of your clients through case studies and testimonials, we have the skillset and creativity to bring these narratives to life. With our multi-camera setups and meticulous editing techniques, we ensure that every frame contributes to a seamless and impactful storytelling experience.


TomandSteve was commissioned by Octopus Investments to film and produce an engaging introductory video for one of their venture capital investments, Faction. The video featured an insightful interview with CEO and Co-Founder Alex Hoye, delving into the sports company’s unique makeup and DNA, effectively showcasing Faction’s essence and vision.


Octopus Investments engaged TomandSteve to film and produce an informative introductory video for one of their VC investments, SwiftKey. The video showed an insightful interview with CFO Richard Gibson, discussing the distinctive objectives of the tech company, offering viewers a comprehensive glimpse into SwiftKey’s identity and mission.

Kindred Values

TomandSteve collaborated with Kindred Group on a recruitment and internal-facing project aimed at showcasing the extensive diversity of people, sectors, and skills within their team. The project involved following the journeys of five individuals and conducting insightful talking head interviews with C-Level board members, effectively capturing the depth and breadth of Kindred Group’s team and expertise.


Pearson relied on TomandSteve to expertly capture talking head content, featuring discussions on their latest educational report that delved into the future of qualifications and assessments. Our collaboration successfully communicated Pearson’s insights and findings, shedding light on the evolving landscape of education and its evaluation methods.

Henrik Larson

Unibet entrusted TomandSteve to film renowned sports figures such as Jermaine Jenas, Glenn Hoddle, Mika H√§kkinen, and other prominent names. In this particular video, we captured the charismatic Henrik Larsson in the vibrant setting of Las Vegas, further contributing to Unibet’s impressive portfolio of engaging content featuring well-known sports stars.

TomandSteve Does Vox Pops

Highlighting years of prolific content creation since 2009 can be challenging on a single website. With an extensive portfolio of hundreds of talking head and vox pop style videos, we recognize the need to condense. Check out this quick reel that offers a glimpse into our diverse range of work, showcasing a selection of engaging talking head and vox pop videos that we’ve proudly produced.