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How to make a TikTok video in just 1.5 days that gets National Media attention!

So, part of the answer to the question of ‘How to make a TikTok video that gets National Media attention in just 1.5 days’ is to use to produce it for you.. 

At the start of this week we were commissioned by Corporate Comms giants Headland, and asked if we had capacity to produce a series of ‘How to’ videos for TikTok. We were very excited at the prospect of working with such a hugely global company, and being experts at production of engaging social media content, we felt we couldn’t be better suited to the brief. 

The video was to highlight the functionality of TikTok’s new feature ‘Stitch’. The new editing feature allows users to clip and integrate scenes from other users videos into your own.

We took the iconic TikTok branding and brought it to life through some clean, and well-executed motion-graphics, as to ensure the design didn’t overwhelm the audience who would be trying to digest the ‘How to’ functionality of the new feature. 

The video was live on various Media outlets only 2 days after we were originally commissioned to produce it, which goes to show when you have a great brand working with a great Corporate Comms agency and a great production agency, great things can happen very quickly! 

We also translated, recorded and updated on-screen user generated content in the video into French and German to expand the reach of the TikTok tutorial.