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Quicklime commissioned TomandSteve to produce 5 animations to showcase their broadband services for remote areas. We love producing animations and when we saw the scripts we couldn’t wait to get started, have a watch and see for yourself they are great fun.


In the first of is animation series we meet Daisy, she’s a savvy Yorkshire Cow, she knows “if she wanted super fast broadband she could have it”.

Quickline – No Caps

Get connected to super fast broadband no matter how far you live away from the exchange, with no caps!


Quickline – Install

Installation is simple, just call or order online.



Quickline – No Porky

Unlike copper wire based suppliers, Quickline can provide Superfast Broadband to anyone in the region.


Quickline – Beanstalk and The Cloud

Scalable Business Broadband for remote locations.

If you like what we produced for Quickline, and need to explain your service to your customers, get in touch TomandSteve can help.