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At TomandSteve, we’ve been deeply involved in the gambling industry since 2010. Over the years, we’ve honed our skills and become experts in producing safer gambling content for various organisations, including TalkBanStop, GamBan, Gamcare, and the RAF BF, as well as for gambling operators. If you’re looking to convey a safer gambling message, please reach out to us. We have extensive experience in effectively communicating a diverse range of messages. You can take a quick look at some of our work in this sector below to get an idea of what we can do.

TomandSteve: Safer Gambling Showreel –

GamBan – Animated Video Shorts 

We were commissioned to produce a series of compelling animated videos shedding light on the less savory tactics employed by the gambling industry to lure and retain customers. These animations are meticulously crafted with intricate visuals and high-level sound design.


GamBan – Your Brain on Slots.


GamBan – Traps and Tricks.

GamBan – Pathway to Addiction

GamBan – Casino in your Pocket.


GamCare: Introducing MyGamCare –

We created a dynamic animation for GamCare, using custom illustrations and smart transitions to showcase the features of the new MyGamCare Portal with creativity and impact.

GamCare: Women’s Programme – Sarah’s Story

We crafted a compelling series of animations for GamCare, shedding light on Gambling Harms from a variety of women’s perspective, employing thoughtful storytelling based on Lived Experience think-tank discussions and creative visuals to raise awareness and promote understanding.

GamCare: Women’s Programme – Jessica’s Story

GamCare: Women’s Programme – Mai’s Story

GamBan: Explainer video –

We developed an informative explainer animation for Gamban, strategically designed to appeal to both individuals struggling with gambling harms and operators seeking effective signposting solutions. Leveraging our expertise in the field, we crafted a highly detailed and thoughtful video to effectively showcase the product’s proposition.

TalkBanStop: Addiction Cycle

At the request of TalkBanStop, we created a poignant and organic animation illustrating the addiction cycle prevalent in individuals vulnerable to gambling harms. Our approach depicted a compelling journey of addiction and depression through the narrative of a male character, resulting in a hard-hitting yet impactful video that effectively conveys the challenges associated with gambling addiction.

TalkBanStop: What is TalkBanStop?

We crafted a concise and creative 60-second explainer video to effectively communicate their proposition to both individuals grappling with gambling harms and operators seeking reliable signposting solutions. The video serves as a dynamic tool to engage and inform, bridging the gap between these two crucial target audiences.

GamCare: Training

We were honored to be invited to create a series of marketing videos for GamCare, showcasing their training initiatives and Safer Gambling Standard Code of Practice. The videos seamlessly integrate GamCare staff addressing the audience on camera, complemented by engaging motion graphics. This combination delivers visually informative and enjoyable content, effectively promoting GamCare’s commitment to safer gambling practices.

GamCare: Industry Codes

GamCare: Safer Gambling Standard