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Showreels / Personal Projects

TomandSteve has an extensive body of work, which spans thousands of videos and animations, we have curated a dedicated section on our website to save you time watching through them all. Here, you will find creatively edited showreels that depict a selection of our favourite works, providing a glimpse into the breadth and quality of our portfolio. Additionally, we have included a few of our personal projects, encompassing both video and animation, to give you a taste of our versatility and creative vision.

TomandSteve Showreel

Welcome to the main event, the TomandSteve showreel. While we can’t possibly cram all our incredible productions since 2009 into a mere 90 seconds, we’ve curated a visual feast that captures the essence of our creativity, with a glimpse into the depth of our storytelling prowess and visual expertise.

TomandSteve Animation Showreel

Animation holds a pivotal role at TomandSteve, woven into the fabric of our production agency from the outset. With mastery in both 2D and 3D animation, we’ve been crafting captivating animations since our inception. Whatever your specific needs or stylistic preferences, take comfort in knowing that our in-house team possesses the skillset to bring your vision to life with finesse and expertise.

TomandSteve Sponsorship Showreel

Having collaborated extensively with a diverse range of sports personalities, including football, cricket, Formula 1, and darts players, TomandSteve boasts a profound understanding of sports content activation. This dynamic showreel offers a glimpse into our impressive portfolio, showcasing a collection of projects produced with some huge names in the world of sports.

TomandSteve Social Media Showreel

When we mention producing thousands of pieces of social media content over the past fifteen years, we’re not referring to churning out a multitude of brief, repetitive videos from the same location. Instead, we’re proud to emphasise our track record of crafting unique, creative animations and videos tailored for various global clients. Many of these social videos achieved remarkable success, accumulating millions of views and fostering extensive engagement. When it comes to social media content, consider us your go-to experts.

Texas Hold ’em Poker

Embracing experimentation and the pursuit of fresh creative styles and techniques is a fundamental principle at TomandSteve. We dedicate time to continuously evolve and explore, recognising that this process is vital to maintaining our work on the cutting edge of creativity. The featured video exemplifies our commitment to innovation through a free-flowing camera technique, capturing the essence of a female poker player. With meticulous attention to lighting, colour grading, and camera movements, we’re thrilled to showcase our passion for pushing boundaries and creating captivating visuals.

The Trainer

Back in the day, Tom and Steve relished cycling during every spare working hour. In 2012, we crafted a video that, even after a decade, remains remarkably fresh and original. This production cleverly centers on audio cues and incorporates motion graphics overlays. It raises the question: how many other videos can boast such enduring quality, over a decade since its debut?

Women’s World Cup 2023

While we’ve created a substantial amount of commissioned content for Men’s World Cups and Euros tournaments, we’re still awaiting the opportunity to produce content for the Women’s World Cup. In celebration of this event, we took it upon ourselves to craft a showpiece that pays tribute to the Women’s World Cup. This initiative reflects our commitment to recognising and honouring the significance of this event through our creative endeavours.