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Social Distancing Filming

/ Social Distancing Filming


We hope that you are all well, and managing to stay safe in these difficult times. 

In accordance with Government guidelines we have put practices in place to ensure that going forward we are able to offer social-distancing safe filming to all our clients.



For the foreseeable future TomandSteve will;


  • All team members will be kitted-out with high-quality face masks, as well as carrying alcohol hand sanitiser at all times.


  • When shooting on location, each member of the our team will have their temperature checked before the shoot commences, and will not be asked to be present on the shoot should they be showing any symptoms of illness.


  • All of our video, sound and lighting equipment will be disinfected before and after the shoot. No client or talent being filmed will need to be in direct contact with any of our team or equipment.


  • Our Directors, Camera Operators and Sound Engineers will remain 2 metres away from the talent being filmed at all times, this will be achieved through the combined use of telephoto lens and boom microphones, as well as tape-markings on the floor to detail where to stand. The end-product video will look and sound exactly the same as the high-quality content you have become accustomed to when working with TomandSteve.


  • TomandSteve as always, are still personally available for video conferencing meetings to discuss projects in advance of shoots, so please feel free to reach out to us with your briefs and video production concepts, and we can assist you as always in producing the best content possible.


As an alternative option we are finding a large number of our clients are adapting motion-graphics and animation productions to help deliver messaging to their audiences. This method is of course 100% safe to yourselves and your audiences as all of the content is produced from our studio or WFH set-ups. You can view our animation production showreel below, which gives a great insight into the range of content we can produce.




If you have any questions about our social-distancing filming services, please do get in touch. We hope to see you all very soon.

Stay Safe,