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Motion Graphics

Here at TomandSteve, we understand that your software or product is highly complex, boasting immense functionality and capabilities. With our expertise, we possess the ability to showcase that excellence within a short timeframe. We specialize in producing SaaS explainer videos that are both engaging and informative, effectively telling a complex story in a concise and easily digestible manner. Through captivating visuals, clear messaging, and a deep understanding of your target audience, we create explainer videos that convey the value and intricacies of your product or service. Our seamless blend of creativity and technical expertise ensures that your audience fully comprehends and appreciates the remarkable features and benefits of your offering. Trust TomandSteve to effectively communicate the power and sophistication of your software or product through our compelling and concise explainer videos.


Pigment, an SaaS company, entrusted TomandSteve with the task of bringing their product to life through captivating motion graphics. We worked closely with them to develop a unique look and feel, creating an animated response that effectively showcased the scope and impressive capabilities of their software, enabling new audiences to fully grasp its potential.


TomandSteve were asked to bring Logifuture’s iGaming product SIMULATE to life though motion-graphics and animation. We wanted the animation to be full of information, both through the delivery of dynamic text and engaging visuals. We are thrilled with the final result, which successfully showcases the essence of SIMULATE.


GamCare has turned to TomandSteve for a range of video production needs, including animated series, training videos, mini documentaries, and social media content, benefiting from our expertise in delivering compelling and informative videos across multiple formats.

Royal British Legion

We are thrilled to have played a part in supporting the Royal British Legion’s 2023 Poppy Appeal campaign by crafting an engaging motion graphics piece introducing the new plastic-free poppy. This video highlights the remarkable plastic-free poppy, composed entirely of recyclable paper, which promises to reduce carbon emissions by a substantial 40%. Our production is not only informative and captivating but also resonates deeply with the significance of this esteemed cause.


TomandSteve was approached by TalkBanStop to create a series of animations that not only explained their services but also served as engaging social media content to drive organic reach. Leveraging our expertise, the produced videos demonstrated a high level of detail and meticulous animation, effectively conveying TalkBanStop’s offerings while engaging their audience across various social media platforms.


Our collaboration with Unum, which began in 2010, and subsequently now spans two decades, stands as a testament to our shared enjoyment of working together. As one of our most steadfast clients, we’ve played an integral role in aiding Unum through various re-brands, product video launches, marketing campaigns, and impactful to-camera presenter pieces featuring CEOs and client testimonials, sharing vital insights with stakeholders, investors and customers.

The Phone Coop

TomandSteve crafted an animation for The Phone Co-op in a sustainable and ethical illustrative style, expertly aligned with their brand identity and mobile phone services, showcasing a commitment to both visual appeal and ethical values.


TomandSteve creatively designed a series of playful and informative animations, giving life to Iress’s logo to effectively showcase their extensive range of product offerings and technological services. These animations captured the essence of their brand in a visually engaging and informative manner.

The Queen Rules

“The Queen Rules” campaign, created for Kindred to commemorate International Women’s Day, stands as a shining example of our work. This animation boasts a precise and impactful messaging, highlighted by creative transitions and iconographic emitters. The campaign’s excellence was recognised through multiple outlets reposting and discussing it, underlining its remarkable success.