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Dreams Beds – Love Your Bed

We were commissioned to create a hero video and a series of mini videos that would shine a spotlight on the Dreams Beds factory. This endeavor marked a celebration of Dreams Beds’ two-decade-long journey, showcasing their unparalleled handcrafted expertise. Through our lens, we not only captured the essence of Dreams Beds’ craftsmanship but also delved into the intricate processes that make their products truly exceptional. Our mini videos highlighted specific crafts, such as the meticulous art of tape-edging a mattress, the intricate embroidery work, and the masterful construction of divan headboards. The result was a comprehensive visual tribute to the dedication, skill, and innovation that have been the cornerstones of Dreams Beds’ enduring success.

Dreams Beds – Love Your Bed

This 1 minute hero edit showcases the variety of master craftsmanship across the Dreams factory. We were exceptionally proud of the range of skillsets we captured duting a busy working day at the factory.

Tape Edging

We were thrilled to be able to share a glimpse into the world of the master craftsmanship at Dreams Beds’ Oldbury Factory. We had had the privilege of capturing the incredible talent and dedication of the staff during a live working day, and the results are truly inspiring. This mini edit features tape-edging, one of the most skilled, and final stages of the bed making process.


This captivating video that takes you behind the scenes, shedding light on the exceptional care and attention that goes into Dreams Beds’ luxury products, with a focus on the intricate art of embroidery.