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TomandSteve have had the pleasure of creating a number of high profile video campaigns for The Royal British Legion. Working together with their marketing team we’ve have achieved some great successes from 500,000+ views in just two weeks on some campaigns, to winning Silver in the top-tier category at The Charity Film Awards on others.


Plastic-free poppy launch

We are thrilled to have played a part in supporting the Royal British Legion’s 2023 Poppy Appeal campaign by crafting an engaging motion graphics piece. This video highlights the remarkable plastic-free poppy, composed entirely of recyclable paper, which promises to reduce carbon emissions by a substantial 40%. Our production is not only informative and captivating but also resonates deeply with the significance of this esteemed cause.

Never Met – Poppy Appeal 2022/2023

The Royal British Legion commissioned TomandSteve to create their compelling series titled ‘Never Met.’ Recognising the need for a powerful and emotive approach to convey their message of remembrance and gratitude, the Legion chose TomandSteve for their expertise in storytelling through film. With a reputation for crafting visually striking narratives, TomandSteve were entrusted with the task of bringing to life the concept that, although people may have never met the veterans who fought for their freedom, wearing the Poppy emblem is a profound way to show care and appreciation. The Legion’s collaboration with TomandSteve resulted in a series of seven, (and counting) moving and evocative videos that resonate deeply with audiences.


I Can’t, I Can – 500,000+ views and Shortlisted for Charity Film Awards 2020

The Royal British Legion tasked TomandSteve with the challenge of raising awareness for the variety of services they offer the Armed Forces Community. We developed an exceptionally visual creative split-screen aesthetic to represent the two sides of the Veterans, their able-side and the side of them that struggled and called on The Royal British Legion for help. The video was designed with this aesthetic to immediately grab audiences attention and hopefully encourage their curious side to continue watching the content, and based on the viewing figures we feel safe in saying it worked!

Building Community Connections – A unique creative campaign video

For this Campaign we were asked to develop a creative that cuts through the noise online, The Royal British Legion wanted to reach out to members of the Armed Forces Community who were struggling with Loneliness, and encourage them to step forward for support. We generated an aesthetic that shows our Veterans being out of step with the rest of the world, struggling to connect. It was a challenge to film some parts of this unique creative idea, but we were very happy with the end result.

Because our work is on-going – Campaign Video

The Royal British Legion support so many different sectors of the Armed Forces Community. They commissioned TomandSteve to help catalogue some of the stand-out achievements they had reached during 2019. We developed a fast-paced, but easily digestible method of delivering the content on their social channels using a combination of motion-graphics and archive footage. The result was a series of 5 great videos that were then reformatted into vertical, horizontal and square formats to suit all of The Royal British Legion’s social channels.

Letters to The Royal British Legion – Social Media Video

The Coronavirus pandemic has been one of the most difficult times for Legion branch members, volunteers and staff. But this crisis has also produced work and initiatives that the RBL are incredibly proud of.

They have received an unprecedented amount of feedback and positive stories from our communities after seeing them through the darkest of times, and asked TomandSteve to develop a creative way to bring these letters to life through animation.