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At TomandSteve, we have the expertise and capabilities to produce both 2D and 3D animations tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require an engaging explainer video, an inspiring content series, or a visually stunning 3D TV advert, we have the skillset in-house to bring your vision to life. Our team of talented animators possesses a deep understanding of both animation techniques and the importance of delivering a comprehensive narrative, allowing us to create captivating and engaging visuals. Whatever your animation requirements may be, you can trust us to deliver exceptional results right here at TomandSteve.


TomandSteve was approached by TalkBanStop to create a series of animations that not only explained their services but also served as engaging social media content to drive organic reach. Leveraging our expertise, the produced videos demonstrated a high level of detail and meticulous animation, effectively conveying TalkBanStop’s offerings while engaging their audience across various social media platforms.

Essex Police

TomandSteve has produced several annual campaigns for Essex Police, playing a pivotal role in their recruitment drive efforts. The success of these campaigns has led to repeat commissioning year after year, highlighting their effectiveness in reaching and engaging the desired audience.


TomandSteve expertly produced two TV adverts for Erskine, a Scottish Veteran’s Charity, skillfully translating real locations, real people, and authentic stories into captivating animations. These TV ads were executed with brilliance, contributing significantly to raising brand awareness and supporting the valuable work of the Scottish charity.


TomandSteve brilliantly brought Quickline’s internet provider services to life through a series of hilarious and engaging animations. This captivating collection of five videos featured unique characters and clever local narratives, creating an irresistibly fun appeal that resonated with audiences.


Casumo has relied on TomandSteve’s expertise for various video production projects, including animated social media content to promote various sports partnerships, and casino based content. Our collaboration has enabled Casumo to effectively communicate their message, educate audiences, through engaging and impactful videos.


TomandSteve ingeniously animated a corporate identity for Headland PR, transforming their new logo into a captivating visual. The looping shape-shifting animation symbolized Headland’s remarkable capacity to navigate the dynamic PR landscape with fluidity and adaptability.